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A successful career start requires a lot of things to come together: an experienced company providing the right vocational training, comprehensive support and guidance, and a training profile that fits the candidate’s abilities. Graepel is committed to its apprenticeship program. Apprentices make up 10% of Graepel’s overall staff.

Graepel North America has teamed up with the German Chamber of Commerce in providing the Industry Consortium for Advanced Technical Training (ICATT) program. The program is a 3-year dual study program where the employee attends further education at a local community college and at the same time works at the company. The Apprenticeship is a full-time position and company benefits are provided.

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Training with a plan

We offer our apprentices...

... a diversified training program...
... with very high levels of hands-on experience and...
... additional advancement, e.g. through internal training. 

Our metal fabrication company is very successful, both nationally and internationally. This means we are large enough for you to get to know a wide range of business processes. Yet we are small enough to know our apprentices personally.

Apprenticeship at Graepel – Your benefits

  • Start your career in a company that is experienced in providing vocational training 
  • Pleasant work environment
  • Hand-on experience
  • State-of-the-art equipment and business premises
  • In-house training courses
  • Attractive apprenticeship remuneration with holiday pay 
  • Open door policy
  • Paid vacation
  • Collaborative activities 
  • Hands on training with the chance of being hired

Dual vocational training program at Graepel

In cooperation with Metro Community College (MCC) in Omaha, Nebraska our apprentices will receive in house training and complete the certification of an Industrial Manufacturing Technician. Upon completion of the program the apprentice may have the opportunity to continue his or her education or start working as a full-time staff member. 

Our students partake in several weeks of study, alternating between time in the company and at the MCC. The dual study program is completed after 3 years.

Internships and project work at Graepel

During an internship at Graepel you will gain valuable insights into our company, which will also assist you in your choice of career. We offer internships in a variety of professional fields for all school systems and colleges.

We also offer tuition reimbursement for individuals looking to obtain a Bachelor’s degree or pursue further education.

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