Graepel equips the most powerful John Deere tractors with ventilation grilles.

Graepel, a leading global manufacturer of high-quality sheet metal products, is supplying specially developed and manufactured ventilation grilles for John Deere's most powerful tractors. The premium manufacturer of agricultural machinery recently unveiled the three new models in its 9RX range. Their impressive hoods are equipped with ten ventilation grilles from Graepel, along with other components.

The ventilation grilles from Graepel are essential for the performance of the new tractors. They ensure the necessary air intake for sufficient cooling of the engine as well as the outlet of the heated air. Efficient cooling has a significant positive impact on engine performance and helps to keep fuel consumption as low as possible. A great deal of know-how and the right technical equipment for shaping are required to manufacture such shaped ventilation grilles in order to repeatedly deliver the product in the required, consistently high quality. This is especially true with such impressive dimensions.

In addition to their technical function, the ventilation grilles contribute greatly to the eye-catching design and impressive appearance of John Deere machines. The unique combination of function and design makes Graepel‘s components outstanding elements. They are developed individually for each machine model. Graepel is a close partner to its customers, from the initial feasibility studies through to implementation. Such development phases are extremely intensive and can take years.

Tom Bremersmann, Key Account Manager at Graepel, knows that a partnership-based approach is crucial for the successful implementation: “The early involvement in the development process, the close cooperation between several Graepel locations and the constant exchange with John Deere during the project were the keys to success. This enabled our long-standing customer to implement its requirements and objectives while taking technical feasibility and the set budget into account. It is always exciting to see how Graepel components help to make such powerful machines possible. We are all very proud to be able to make a contribution to these tractors.”

Graepel also supplies other sheet metal parts for the 9RX tractors. These include additional perforated plates for the cab ventilation and further engine auxiliary units. Such components are just small details in the overall machine. But for such an engineering masterpiece, every element must contribute to first-class performance, not just once, but every time a new tractor is delivered.

The collaboration with John Deere demonstrates another important aspect that sets Graepel apart from the competition: With locations in Germany, the USA, India and Hungary, the family-owned company operates close to its international customers. The components for the new John Deere tractors are supplied from both Löningen (Germany) and Omaha in Nebraska (USA). In each case, production is located where the technology allows the most efficient and best implementation.

Caption: Graepel, the sheet metal specialists from Germany, contributes to make the new John Deere 9RX tractors so powerful.

Photo credits: © John Deere

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