Key order with potential: Graepel gratings for delivery fleets

Something to take note of here: Delivery vans from various retail giants will soon be driving more safely thanks to steps from Graepel. 

The established logistics providers are growing more and more nervous. Online-online commerce is growing so rapidly that in many places delivery companies are no longer able to keep up. It didn’t take long for Amazon, the world's largest retailer, to set up its own delivery service with “Amazon Logistics”. And it is growing just as impressively as the core business: Over 30,000 delivery vans are already rolling through the USA, plus another 20,000 semi-trailers. Here in Germany, too, Amazon is already on the road with thousands of vehicles. There is no end to the boom in sight, on the contrary: due to corona, the delivery volumes are rising even more.

Three plants involved

Some of the newest vehicles at Amazon and other shippers are equipped with profiled sheet metal gratings from Graepel so that the drivers can deliver the ordered parcels more safely (and thus faster) in any weather. The underlying order for these demonstrates once again how efficiently Graepel is now acting as a supplier to global business. 

The US subsidiary Graepel North America initiated the deal. The steps are delivered by Graepel's customer Luverne Truck, which specializes in OEM initial equipment and spare parts. Graepel is currently manufacturing three models for the side and rear doors for Luverne. In order to provide the customer with first-class service, a new punching tool was quickly developed at the main plant in Löningen: Ultimately, the shape, cut and pitch will be of the absolute top quality. And that is exactly what happened. 

Top quality with a new tool

Luverne ordered two more components, which have extremely robust, safe and stable perforation. The blanks are produced at the Seehausen plant, which has always been the competence center for profiled sheet metal gratings in the Graepel Group. Final production for the US market takes place at Graepel North America. A fantastic conclusion: One customer, three Graepel plants and several delivery services. Because Luverne is a supplier to the entire industry, Amazon is unlikely to be the last logistics specialist whose vehicles will soon have Graepel components.

Incidentally, one of the three steps is a truly novel development in which Graepel uses a selective perforation that adapts to the rounded side edge of the step. So the next time the delivery driver rings the bell, it means: Watch the step!


Graepel gratings for delivery fleets
Graepel gratings for delivery fleets

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