Our range of products for the vehicle construction industry

Steps, access steps, control stations, ladders, walkways, and ramps for the vehicle construction industry

Whether automobiles, trucks, or commercial vehicles: when it comes to vehicle construction, safety is always the top priority. Graepel products are designed so that getting in and out of the vehicle and operating it is just as safe as driving it.

Steel, aluminum, and stainless steel gratings made by Graepel offer perfect solutions for a variety of applications in the vehicle construction.

The Graepel Advantage:

  • Customized solutions
  • Various materials, material thicknesses, perforations, and surface finishing
  • Surface treatment in our in-house hot-dip galvanizing, pickling, and powder coating plant
  • Durable, high-strength yet low-weight design
  • Slip resistance due to upward formed perforation 
  • Downward-facing perforations ensure complete drainage
  • Outstanding slip-resistant grating and structural integrity
  • Small quantities are also available 
  • Flexible design and color combinations for all makes, machine and vehicle types
  • Everything from a single source – from concept and planning to the final product

Our range of products for the vehicle construction industry

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In vehicle construction, Graepel gratings are used, as single-steps and enable smaller height differences for ease of access.
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Access Steps

Graepel offers a wide range of access solutions for the diverse requirements in vehicle construction. These steps are developed in compliance with customer specifications and based on Graepel gratings.
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Ramp Tracks

Whether in rain, ice, snow, or heavy mud: trailers can be loaded and unloaded safely at any time.
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Service Platforms

Work platforms made of anti-slip Graepel gratings ensure a safe foothold when operating the vehicle. Integrated hand railing and ladders ensure safe accessibility.
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Ladders and Catwalks

Graepel manufactures ladders, landings, and skirting board gratings for vehicle construction to meet individual requirements. They are optimized for the specific application, providing maximum safety
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Access ramps made by Graepel are very sturdy, extremely weather resistant and custom made. They can be supplied in a variety of surface patterns.