Colored quality gratings made by Graepel.

The new anti-slip paint with a grip

Starting now, you can order quality gratings from Graepel in your favorite colors. The newly developed coating provides the outstanding slip resistance. 100 % made in Germany.

Conventional powder coating reduces slip resistance. Our newly developed Graepel-ColorGrip powder coating ensures that the slip resistance of predominantly closed surfaces is at least equal to or even superior to that of a comparable hot-dip galvanized grating.

All colors are possible. Of course, our steps and ladder rungs, landings and cat walks are also available in your preferred colors.

Graepel-ColorGrip When it comes to colors, the sky is the limit

Versatile in use. Optimized safety.

  • Color marking of escape, emergency, and evacuation routes
  • Customized sheet metal profile gratings in your company colors

Graepel-ColorGrip makes it possible to match the color of the grating to your corporate design, while maintaining anti-slip properties.

Application: Heli-hoist platform

The further away wind turbines are built from the coast, the greater the sea depth and the worse the weather conditions. The individual systems and components of offshore installations must be able to withstand extreme weather conditions and must be maintained regularly.

In many cases, service personnel can only reach these installations by helicopter. These landing platforms on offshore wind turbines are subject to minimum requirements with regard to color and slip resistance, which have been legally regulated in Germany since 2012 (see Federal Gazette dated January 27, 2012).

Application: Vehicle Construction

Commercial vehicles can now be painted entirely in car or company colors, because Graepel-ColorGrip makes it possible to paint all access features without sacrificing anti-slip properties.

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