The only ventilation grille proven to be effective

The Graepel innovation for more air flow and better corrosion protection

Graepel-DuraVent offers you a new combination of high-precision perforation and effective anti-corrosion coating, the likes of which were never available until now. 

Your advantages: Perforated metal sheets with corrosion protection that lasts 1,000 hours in the salt spray test. The result: Seven percent better air flow compared to conventional ventilation grilles. 

Effective. Durable. And of course: from a single source, your perforated metal expert Graepel.

The Graepel-DuraVent Principle

In a unique process developed by Graepel, we created an optimized combination of perforation and coating processes. Delete: This way, you receive all services for your perforated sheet metal production and processing in dependably superb quality from a single source.

We effectively reduce corrosion on the edges by using high-precision tools and a proprietary coating process. This makes it possible to significantly reduce the thickness of the coating.

The Graepel DuraVent Advantage:

  • 1,000 hours of resistance in salt spray test according to DIN ISO 9227*
  • Improved airflow by approx. 7 percent while maintaining the same structural integrity*
  • Significantly improved aerodynamics
  • perforation and surface technology divisions  

* Seven percent better air flow compared to conventional ventilation grilles. This is based on the results of the salt spray tests conducted by the independent laboratory Dr. Herrmann and the reports obtained from Dresden University of Technology.

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