Graepel-Special P-12

Sheet metal profile grating


The edged contour of the Graepel-Special P-12 has a C profile. The surface is a mix of a pearl-shaped embossment facing upward (d = 5 mm) and punched holes facing downward, with a diameter of 12 mm, which are arranged in staggered rows. The open cross-section is approx. 21 %. This perforation offers a certain amount of slip resistance and displacement as well as a good drainage. The maximum embossed field is 430 mm.


This special perforation is suitable for indoor and outdoor walking surfaces. Any equipment with small wheels can be easily navigated across this type of grating. Graepel-Special P-12 can also be used as a cover for gutters or as border around water basins.

Program-controlled design of perforated areas
  • This perforation is program-controllable. This makes individual embossment patterns possible.
  • The standard edge perforation may be omitted.
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