From a single source: the Graepel full service for surface treatments

In-house cathodic electrodeposition (CED) and powder coating, hot-dip galvanization and pickling shop

As a full-service partner, we offer our customers a comprehensive range of services, including a wide variety of surface treatment processes.

Of course, you can expect the first-class Graepel quality you are accustomed to when it comes to surface treatment. One more benefit: Your cooperation with us eliminates the need for time-consuming and costly consultation with third parties. Because we handle the development and production of your perforated sheets, gratings and grilles – and we do it just as reliably and competently as we handle the CED and powder coating, hot-dip galvanizing and pickling of those components.

Surface treatment know-how at two locations

At our locations in Löningen and Seehausen, Germany, we have specialized in implementing a variety of surface treatments:

in Löningen we make use of the latest generation of cathodic electrodeposition and powder coating plants. Here, we produce coatings in the first-class Graepel quality our customers are accustomed to. Ongoing innovations allow us to develop our products continuously. Graepel Oberflächentechnik is also an established player in the market as a contracting coating company.

Our hot-dip galvanizing plant

Our team in Seehausen operates an in-house hot-dip galvanizing plant as well as an aluminum and stainless steel pickling shop. Corporate and private customers alike can request the team’s services. You only have one item? We can do that, too.

The Graepel Advantage

  • first-class quality
  • everything from a single source – from product development to surface treatment
  • short turnaround times
  • small quantities and individual color designs are also available
  • standard powder coating, thin-layer and highly abrasion-resistant CED and powder coating
  • hot-dip galvanizing as a durable corrosion protection
  • pickling of stainless steel and aluminum in the Graepel Centre of Excellence
  • approved processes of major customers
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Coating processes

Hot-dip galvanizing plant

Part of the Graepel Centre of Excellence in Seehausen includes the company's hot-dip galvanizing plant for surfaces. Here, steel components are treated with a durable protective layer against corrosion.

The Graepel Advantage:

  • durable corrosion protection
  • compliant with DIN EN ISO 1461
  • Depending on the use, material thickness, the type of the component, and applying a coating thickness of 50 to 100 µm once a year, the protection may last up to 50 years
  • mechanically resilient
  • chemically and thermally resistant
  • no maintenance required 


  • max. length = 6.80 m
  • max. width = 0.90 m 
  • max. height = 1.80 m


  • Maximum load per cross bar: up to 2.0 t 
  • Concentrated load without cross bar: up to 2.3 t (on request)

Coating processes

Powder coating

A state-of-the-art, highly automated plant for the coating of steel, galvanized steel, and aluminum forms the very core of Graepel Oberflächentechnik in Löningen. Here, coatings are precisely implemented as cathodic electrodeposition and powder coating.

Effective dimensions and weight per cross bar

  • Length 3,800 mm 
  • Width 750 mm 
  • Height 1,400 mm 
  • Weight max. 400 kg


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Coating processes

Pickling shop

The stainless steel and aluminum pickling shop for surfaces is part of the Center of Excellence in Seehausen. Graepel’s expertise in this field is also available as an external service.

The Graepel Advantage:

  • Removal of welding residues
  • Removal of fingerprint smudges, grease, and dirt 
  • matt glossy, uniform bright surface 
  • attractive appearance

Pickling tank dimensions:

  • max. length = 6.00 m 
  • max. width = 0.95 m 
  • max. height = 0.80 m
  • Weight = 500 kg

Larger dimensions and heavier weights on request.

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