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Graepel gratings for delivery fleets

Key order with potential: Graepel gratings for delivery fleets

Something to take note of here: Delivery vans from various retail giants will soon be driving more safely thanks to steps from Graepel. 


Graepel - Ventilation Grille DuraVent

Over 1,000 hours surpassed in endurance test: Super grille for Massey Ferguson

Thanks to its remarkable DuraVent technology, Graepel, a supplier of parts made of formed sheet metal, currently has a high standing with agricultural…

Graepel – Airport Beijing-Daxing

Graepel: supplier to the world's largest airport – Where jetsetters take a rest

First, a nice relaxing break, and then onwards: Many travelers at China's new flagship airport Beijing-Daxing like to sit in seats whose essential…

Graepel at Architect@Work

With the new product PERCUS, Graepel presented itself to an audience of experts from the architecture industry at Architect@Work in Berlin.

Start of apprenticeship at GNA

Graepel North America (GNA) recently hired two additional apprentices to their ICATT Apprenticeship Program. ICATT stands for the Industry Consortium…

5th company run Altmark – Graepel was there!

On 1st September 2020 the 5th company run Altmark took place in Stendal (Germany). This year Graepel Seehausen employees participated in this run. All…

Graepel grilles make AdBlue redundant

Graepel grilles make AdBlue redundant

Another step towards a "clean" construction site has been taken: Diesel engines now also meet the strict Stage V emissions standard without AdBlue -…

Well-prepared in the fight against Corona - Friedrich Graepel AG presents business report

In its latest business report, Friedrich Graepel AG reports stable development in its recently concluded business year: the ideal prerequisites to…

[Translate to EN:] Graepel Indien - Ein Familienunternehmen expandiert

Graepel Group – a family business expands

Löningen – Chandigarh/India

„The City Beautiful“
is the dreamy slogan of the city of Chandigarh, in the north of India, within sight of one of the…

3D sheets - Graepel brings a new generation of perforated sheet metal onto the market

“Each opening in the sheet weakens its structure,” explains sales manager Jan Fehlinger. “That’s why all manufacturers work with ribs and beads.” This…

Major contract from General Motors: Graepel grilles cooling new Corvette

At the beginning of 2020, the new generation of the US sports car Corvette will be hitting the market with a surprise: For the very first time, a…

[Translate to EN:] Graepel News - Vom Boden an die Wand

Off the ground and onto the wall – Optimised Climate in Barcelona

A team of architects in Barcelona have opted for a clever design approach: They have mounted Graepel gratings on the facade of the government's new…

[Translate to EN:] Graepel News - Graepel auf der IAA

IAA 2019 in Frankfurt

Big buzzwords such as "Driving Tomorrow" and "New Mobility World" shaped the picture ahead of the IAA PKW 2019 in Frankfurt. The exhibition centered…

Safety gratings for Terminal Tractors: Graepel wins global market leader

When the claws of the gantry crane grab the container, it is time for “terminal tractors” to do their job: Graepel will now start supplying safety…

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