Products for Railway Vehicles

by Graepel

Railway vehicles are in tough continuous use for a long time. That is why their treads and ventilation grilles have to meet highest demands regarding life and load capacity. Treads, steps and ventilation grilles by Graepel are extremely suitable for assembly onto railway vehicles because of their high quality standards. The selection of material and processing meet high demands.

Tread for Railroad Passenger Cars

In order to allow passengers to safely get on and off the train, a step closing the gap between train and track platform is often installed in front of the car doors. For this purpose, Graepel supplies a one-level stainless steel treadboard with Graepel Universal profile perforation constructed with an all-around welded anti-skid edge.

Steps on Railroad Locomotives

We have designed all kinds of assemblies for various manufacturers of railway vehicles. These assemblies can be found on locomotives wherever a safe entry and exit is important. Often, safety gratings constructed of hot-dip galvanized steel or aluminum of the Graepel-Stabil perforation are used.

Vehicle Transport Trains

So that vehicles can safely pass the Tauern Road Tunnel in Austria, they are transported by rail on low-floor trains through the tunnel. Graepel metal profile gratings were used for the tracks. They ensure safe driving on the train. To achieve the necessary level of slip resistance and drainage effect, metal profile gratings of the type Graepel-Universal were used. The hot-dip galvanized steel provides a long life and corrosion protection.

Running Boards and Platforms on Freight Cars

We have designed all kinds of assemblies for various manufacturers of freight care. These assemblies can be found on various rolling stock. Often, safety grating constructed of galvanized steel with the Graepel-Open perforation are used on AAR approved running boards, end platforms and brake steps where slip resistance is critical.

Air Intake

Our air intake was designed as a complete assembly especially for railway vehicles. It allows a high level of air passage.

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