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For the construction of load bearing structures, high requirements concerning rigidity as well as formal or esthetic design and corrosion protection are to be considered.

Graepel metal profile gratings and perforated sheeting allow for custom made, cost-effective solutions for stairways, catwalks, platforms, rail panels and enclosures. They are available in a variety of designs, materials and colors providing ideal conditions for underfoot safety in all seasons while fulfilling unique customer specifications regarding shape and design. Accurate processing down to the last detail and high-quality surfaces reduce the maintenance and service effort significantly. Our in-house galvanizing shop provides safe corrosion protection for products made of steel.


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In architecture, an interplay between shape and function is necessary to build sophisticated constructions. Our products are developed under the same requirements. Therefore, Graepel metal profile gratings are also excellent structural elements whether as load bearing flooring, stairway elements, spiral staircases, catwalks, bridges, presentation areas or facade elements. Not only do they safely fulfill their function but they integrate well into various architectural styles due to their timeless design.

Different joining techniques, flexible design options and high durability ensure that highest demands of the various fields of application are met. Please find a presentation of some examples below. We look forward to creative tasks and new challenges.

Deutsche Post Tower (Germany)

For the highest office building in North Rhine-Westphalia, Graepel supplied the steps and landings for the stairwells. Pickled stainless steel gratings of perforation type Graepel Anti-Skid Cone were used. The metal profile gratings were glued to the floor.


Shouwburgplein Rotterdam (Netherlands)

At this central place in Rotterdam, Graepel safety gratings are demonstrated as real sparklers: in combination with other flooring materials, such as hardwood and marble, steel is presented from its brightest side. The anti-skid, slot-shaped perforation was especially developed for this project.


Murturm Tower near Gosdorf

The structure of the 27-meter-high tower at the "European Green Belt", the former east/west border, seems to be only made of stairways. The free-standing stairway has the shape of a double helix. One spiral flight of stairs leads upstairs, another one downstairs. The flights are only held by a steel support structure and are exposed to all weathers. Underfoot safety and stability is provided by metal profile gratings of perforation type Graepel-Universal.

Formula 1

A perfect ground for an impressive appearance is this presentation area made of safety gratings of perforation type Graepel-Eco, pickled stainless steel.


Mariensteg Across the Inn River

The cross-border "Mariensteg" connects two communities at the Inn river: Neuburg in Bavaria and Wernstein in Austria. The pedestrian and cyclist bridge is 144 m long. The asymmetrical design of the suspension bridge with a pillar looks slender and sophisticated. Metal profile gratings of type Graepel-Special P-12, hot-dip galvanized steel, were used for the walking surface. The bridge is illuminated in different colors on both sides to allow for a safe passage also in the dark.


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