Products for Trucks

by Graepel

Our core competencies can be used for various vehicle components. Graepel products are suitable wherever it's about underfoot safety, ventilation grilles and thermal-insulation plates on trucks.

In addition, Graepel has developed customer specific assemblies of sheet metal which exceed expectations in  design, efficient manufacturing and excellent quality. For example, these would include instrument frames, stabilizer struts and parts for seating systems.


We distinguish truck products for 5 areas

Treads, Steps and Ladders


Insect Screens and Ventilation Grilles

Platforms and Tread Plates

Thermal-Insulation and Shielding Plates

Commercial vehicles have to provide secure footing. Our treads, steps and ladders are optimized in respect of weight and performance. They always offer safe access wherever you are. We manufacture these components to your own specific requirements and supply them ready to fit.


The processed materials are aluminum, steel, hot-dip galvanized steel and stainless steel which ensure durability and robust reliability also under heavy stress. Graepel has the knowledge and expertise to work within your specifications from design and development, to just-in-time production to meet you requirements.

All advantages at a glance:
  • embossing ensures slip resistance
  • modern, practical design
  • custom system solutions
  • from design and development to the final product: all at one stop

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