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For residential building, industrial plant engineering and construction Graepel spiral and straight stairways provide perfect design and top-level safety. Made of hot-dipped galvanized steel or stainless steel with a wide variety of perforations. The concept and design is developed in collaboration with you. On request, we supply a structural analysis.


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For straight stairways, Graepel supplies steps for the highest standards of safety and precision. Depending on the application in the public and industrial sectors, Graepel steps are available in various perforations. They have welded front edges.


In order to avoid slipping off the front edge of the step, the following solutions are provided:


  • Specially embossed or perforated stepping edges for Graepel-Universal, Graepel-Special 8-8 and Graepel-Perl perforations
  • Integrated anti-slip edge for Graepel-Stabil
  • Separately supplied anti-skid edge to bolt on


All steps in stock are designed for 5 kN/m² evenly distributed loads and 1.5 kN over 200 x 200 mm individual load. Steps with higher load capacities are also available. This provides you and us with the necessary safety and prevents later difficulties at final acceptance. Please observe the currently valid DIN ISO standard 1991-1-1.

Standard types of Graepel steps

Straight Graepel steps are available in 2 standard types:

Standard type 70
Graepel metal step standard type flat as a technical drawing
Standard type flat
Public sector
Metal step with Graepel-Perl perforation

Step Graepel-Perl
» Details

Step Graepel-Eco
» Details

Step Graepel-City
» Details

Metal steps with Graepel-Indoor perforation

Step Graepel-Indoor
» Details

Step Graepel-Garden
» Details

Industrial sector

Step Graepel-Universal
» Details

Step Graepel-Stabil
» Details

Special perforations

Step Graepel-
» Details

Step Graepel-
Special 4-18
» Details

Special type: Architects step

Step Graepel-Perl
with perforated
stepping edge

» Details

Technical drawing

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