Steps and Ladders

Safely up and down

Custom-made, anti-skid steps and ladders from Graepel offer maximum safety during vehicle operation. The processed materials are aluminum, steel, hot-dip galvanized steel and stainless steel which ensure durability and robust reliability also under heavy stress. Various perforations are available. Underfoot safety is provided through the embossed and debossed perforation: the embossed holes serve slip resistance, the debossed holes provide for a maximum drainage effect, also when it's raining or snowing.



Agricultural Machinery

Commercial Vehicles

Railway Vehicles

Construction Machinery

Vehicle Construction

Graepel treads fulfill a number of safety aspects whilst convincing with their efficient manufacture and demanding design. We have the right ladder for every use - as individual components or assembl

All advantages at a glance:
  • slip resistance through twisted planks
  • large open areas which allow dirt and water to pass through in order to retain slip resistance
  • cost-effective treads made of one piece
  • partially radiused stepping edge for a safe step also from an oblique angle
  • first anti-skid edge in close proximity of the front edge
  • with mounting holes, suitable for bolting or welding-on

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