Graepel ventilation grilles for sports cars

More oxygen for super sportsmen

Top speeds in the vehicle industry require maximum air supply. Due to their bionic honeycomb perforation ventilation grilles from Graepel offer a large open surface and simultaneously provide the maximum level of structural strength.

The low resulting weight provides decisive benefits for sports cars in the motor trade.

All advantages at a glance:
  • high level of ventilation through 2.1-mm-hexagonal perforations , spacing of 0.4 mm, open area up to 71 %
  • safe protection for radiators and condensers against insects, flying stones and other foreign objects
  • strengthened by convolute and contoured geometry both horizontally or vertically 
  • optimal arrangement of the mounting points through selective perforation
  • individual mounting depending on available space and existing mounting points
  • fits the contour of radiator, condenser or mounting parts through various levels
  • sufficient rigidity for gluing, spot-welding or bolting, also where perforated
  • the sealing-off of circulating air can be directly integrated if necessary
  • easy cleaning with high-pressure water blasting
  • brightly colored engine components are covered by a special convolute geometry
  • deformations of the grille can be corrected by readjusting the geometry

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