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Will the sheet metal hold up? When the many people who want to use perforated sheet metal for vehicles, machines and structural components ask this...

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On Wednesday, 13 November 2019, we were proud to welcome some high-ranking visitors from the United States at our Loeningen plant: The governor of...

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At the beginning of 2020, the new generation of the US sports car Corvette will be hitting the market with a surprise: For the very first time, a...

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A team of architects in Barcelona have opted for a clever design approach: They have mounted Graepel gratings on the facade of the government's new...

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Big buzzwords such as "Driving Tomorrow" and "New Mobility World" shaped the picture ahead of the IAA PKW 2019 in Frankfurt. The exhibition centered...

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When the claws of the gantry crane grab the container, it is time for “terminal tractors” to do their job: Graepel will now start supplying safety...

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Why not go for quality for a change? The construction materials supplier Graepel now has a spiral staircase made of passivated stainless steel in its...

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The citizens of Potsdam have waited a long time for this: After a construction period of approx. Two years, the footpath over the Templiner Damm has...

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With a new technology for ventilation grilles, the sheet metal specialist and supplier Graepel managed to gain a real competitive edge. The first...

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