Products for Construction Machinery

by Graepel

Graepel catwalks, treads, ladders and platforms are slip-resistant and functional also under especially tough outdoor conditions. The hot-dip galvanized surfaces, which we manufacture in our in-house galvanizing shop, offer rugged durability.

We also offer e-coating, powder-coating and anodized surface finishes. We develop and manufacture all kinds of ready-to-install construction machinery components and assemblies to your specifications, as you need them. All with the highest quality ensuring safe standing, ascent an entry.


Product categories:

Treads and Steps

Steps and Ladders


Ventilation Grilles

Custom made, anti-skid treads and steps from Graepel offer maximum safety during the operation of construction machinery. The processed materials are aluminum, hot-dip galvanized steel and stainless steel which ensure durability and robust reliability also under heavy stress. Graepel has the knowledge and expertise to work within your specifications from design and development, to just-in-time production to meet your requirements.

All advantages at a glance:
  • embossing ensures slip resistance
  • modern, practical design
  • custom system solutions
  • from design and development to the final product: all at one stop

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