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Perforated sheeting and metal profile gratings offer an almost unlimited number of application purposes in nearly all areas of life. In addition to their use in vehicle construction, machine and plant engineering and construction, steel construction and the field of renewable energy, we were able to discover numerous new fields of application thanks to the individual requirements of our customers. And we are sure that these fields must be extended in the future. The only thing limiting the range of use of our products is a lack of fantasy. And that's definitely not the case for our customers and engineers.


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Landing docks connect the water with the land and serve as catwalks for water sports enthusiasts to reach and land their various watercrafts. Graepel metal profile gratings with various perforations (e.g. Graepel-Garden, Graepel-Universal, etc.) make landing docks safer to walk on in rain and snow due to the anti-skid surface. The perforations provide excellent drainage. They can be supplied in aluminum, hot-dip galvanized steel or stainless steel, in various widths, lengths and material thicknesses. On request, we supply suitable stairway steps.

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