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The huge field of plant engineering encompasses numerous areas. Depending on the task of the machines or plants, their design and functionality vary significantly. Despite the diversity, there is always one equal factor: the machines and plants must be operated and maintained. This requires catwalks, stairways and platforms.

Custom designs with Graepel gratings and perforated sheets provide for safe accessibility and the utmost level of slip resistance in all weather. With high-quality materials and an excellent level of rigidity, large span widths are possible without complicated frame structures. Rugged surfaces guarantee a long life under extreme weather conditions and when aggressive substances are present; thus providing underfoot safety.


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Inspection Pits

We have implemented design solutions for a variety of plants in collaboration with our customers. Graepel is primarily a supplier of stairways, catwalks and platforms, which ensure underfoot safety in plants, as well as of assemblies used in the process. We would like to present some of these projects to you.

Bridge F 60 in Lichterfeld

This iconic conveyor bridge of a bygone mining era ist now an international mining exhibit. For an exciting and safe visit, more than 400 steps and hundreds of square meters of Graepel-Universal pattern hot-dip galvanized steel grating were installed as platforms and catwalks.


The Agricultural Trade Center Sedelsberg

Bröring-Landhandel operates a grain trading center in Sedelsberg. This large scale grain storage facility allows for the delivery and transportation of grain by ship and over land. Underfoot safety at this agricultural trade center is provided by numerous stairways, platforms and walkways made of Graepel-Stabil metal pattern gratings. Another advantage especially for structures at great heights is that opaque grating helps reduce safety risks such as fear of heights.

Brick Yard

In times of rapidly increasing energy prices, cost-effective and also eco-friendly solutions are in demand for the drying of bricks. Custom solutions based on perforated sheeting by Graepel provide optimal air distribution while offering stability for the elements. Greater span widths at low material thicknesses are possible.


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