Metal profile grating


This perforation has a closed surface. It owes its name to the diamond-shaped upward perforations which extend only a maximum of 4 mm upwards. The staggered rhombuses look like flat pyramids and have a size of 24 x 14 mm. They form a visually attractive surface since the light is reflected differently on all four sides of the rhombus. The maximum embossed field is 740 mm.


Metal profile gratings of Graepel-Rhombus perforation are especially suitable as covering for surfaces and platforms in public and industrial areas where closed surfaces are required. Especially recommended is the indoor use. Graepel-Rhombus allows no view through it. It is ideal for places where nothing should drop through and where finer (non-industrial) shoes are worn.

Graepel-Rhombus is, like Graepel-Perl, also suitable for barefoot walking.

Option for fixing metal profile gratings with closed surface on metal substructures accessible from below

Program-controlled Perforations
  • This perforation is program controllable. Each rhombus can be left out and thus individual embossings can be created.
  • The standard edge perforation may also be omitted.
Test Results

Material Thicknesses

Anti-Skid Values

Material Thickness
DD 11 raw 2.0/2.5/3.0 mm
DD 11 hot-dip galvanized/DX 51 D pre-galvanized 2.0/2.5/3.0 mm
stainless steel 2.0/2.5/3.0 mm
ENAW 5754 2.0/2.5 mm

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