Metal profile grating 


Graepel-Star is a C-shaped, canted metal profile grating. Its surface is characterized by embossed, star-shaped openings (d = 16 mm) and debossed holes (d = 4 mm). The perforation extends about 6 mm upwards. The open area for standard grating widths is approximately 21 %. Graepel-Star offers excellent slip resistance, a wide displacement space and a certain drainage. The maximum embossed field is 460 mm.


Its look was eponymous for this perforation. Thus, the Graepel-Star gratings are especially suitable for use in industrial applications where lubricants put underfoot safety at risk: The serrated edges of the holes with upward-pointing tips ensure a high slip resistance. The drainage holes discharge these liquids downwards into appropriate collection trays.

Program-controlled Perforations
  • This perforation is program controllable. Thus, individual embossings can be created.
  • The standard edge perforation may be omitted.
Test Results

Material Thicknesses

Anti-Skid Values

Material Thickness
DD 11 raw 2.0/2.5 mm
DD 11 hot-dip galvanized/DX 51 D pre-galvanized 2.0/2.5 mm
stainless steel 2.0 mm
ENAW 5754 2.0/2.5/3.0 mm

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