Step Graepel-Eco

(formerly: Step Graepel Special 8-8)

The Graepel Eco stair tread is made of galvanised steel (DD 11) and is ideal for pedestrian traffic as well as industrial areas. The stair tread is designed for a uniformly distributed load of 5 kN/m² and a point load of 1.5 kN on 200 x 200 mm. The surface features alternating rows of embossed and debossed perforations (d = 8 mm). The open area is ca. 6%. The embossing provides excellent slip resistance and debris displacement, with low drainage.

The metal sheet is 2.5 mm thick. The stair tread is 70 mm high. The product is available in a variety of lengths and widths. The perforation width is 120 mm for a 240 mm wide stair tread and 150 mm for a 270 mm wide stair tread. Other dimensions can be provided upon request.

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perforated stepping edge

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