Step Graepel-Garden

Linear Stair Tread

The straight step Graepel-Garden is made of hot-galvanized steel (DD 11) with a welded front edge. The surface is provided with hemispherical embossings towards the top (d=4 mm) and punched holes towards the bottom, with a diameter of 8 mm, which are arranged in staggered rows. The free cross section is approx. 9 %, providing this step with anti-slip and displacement properties as well as good drainage properties.

Due to its small hole diameter, it is suitable for the use in public areas and is designed for a uniformly distributed load of 5 kN/m² and a concentrated load of 1.5 kN on 200 x 200 mm. The step can also be walked on with fine shoes and even barefoot. 

The sheet thickness is 2.0 mm. The step is 70 mm high. We offer a variety of lengths and widths. The hole width of the bore holes is 120 mm at a step width of 240 mm, 150 mm at a width of 270 mm, and 180 mm at a step width of 300 mm. Other materials and dimensions can be obtained on request.

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