2022 Annual Financial Statement Presented: Graepel increases turnover by 28 per cent

Löningen-based cold-formed sheet metal component manufacturer Graepel has presented its annual balance sheet for the 2022 financial year.

The family business run by the brothers Carlo and Felix Graepel has another very successful financial year to look back on. The revenues generated by the manufacturer—which produces in five factories on three continents—increased from 109 to almost 139 million euros. This is the highest level in the company's 134-year history. Earnings before taxes also improved significantly. The positive order development is reflected in the number of employees: As at December 31, 2022, 781 staff members and 50 trainees were employed—two thirds of them in the commercial sector.

These annual financial statements make the sheet metal specialist a leader in the industry. As with other industries, the metalworking sector continues to face economic challenges: The coronavirus, the war in Ukraine and, last but not least, the upheaval in the energy and labor markets have created a difficult market environment and put a great strain on the supply chains in particular. So far, however, Graepel has taken effective countermeasures through a series of compensatory actions, forward-looking planning and successful revenue results. 

The capital expenditure in foreign markets—especially in North America and Asia—which was accelerated from 2006, is increasingly paying off. Graepel now generates just over half of its revenue outside of Germany, and the trend is rising. Air grilles, structural parts and other products for trucks, agricultural and construction equipment account for 73 percent of revenue. Products for constructive metal engineering, including metal profile grating and stairways, form the second revenue pillar. Graepel has concentrated their manufacturing at the Seehausen site in the Altmark, Germany.

For 2023, the manufacturer expects a further increase in revenue and is therefore looking to the future with confidence.


Steel coils in the Löningen warehouse: Raw material for cold-formed sheet metal components, which Graepel has manufactured—as the only manufacturer to do so—since the dawn of industrial vehicle construction (Photo: Graepel)

2023 Corvette—an icon among sports cars. The mighty ventilation grilles come from Graepel (Photo: General Motors / Chevrolet)

John Deere mega tractors: Graepel manufactures over 70 different components for the 9 Series alone (Photo: John Deere)

High-tech from DAF: Graepel provides dozens of assemblies and components for all truck series of the Dutch commercial vehicle manufacturer DAF (Photo: DAF)

The authorities in a new light: The new building for the Catalonian government is a modern service center that is visually and functionally enhanced by Graepel gratings (Photo: Wijkmarkphoto)

(Photo: Wijkmarkphoto)

(Photo: General Motors / Chevrolet)

(Photo: DAF)

(Photo: John Deere)

(Photo: Graepel)

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