The ventilation grille with proven effect

Graepel’s innovation for greater air flow and better corrosion protection. Graepel-DuraVent offers you a new combination of high-precision die-cutting and effective anti-corrosion coating, the likes of which were never available until now. Effective. Durable.

And of course: from a single source, your perforated sheet metal expert Graepel.


Market situation:
The customer requirement in the market demands a perfect corrosion protection of at least 500 hours during a salt spray test used in a perfect airflow.

Current situation:
During the development of Graepel DuraVent, ventilation grilles that are currently used in the market were tested in comparison with Graepel DuraVent. The results were unambiguous: not a single product of our competitors comes close to the test results of Graepel DuraVent.



Development timeline of the Graepel brand product Graepel DuraVent

The Graepel DuraVent principle

Only at Graepel: In a unique process developed by us, we create an optimized combination of die-cutting and coating processes.

We effectively reduce corrosion from the outset by using high-precision tools and a proprietary coating process. Based on a unique perforation process, we achieve a perfect coating on the edge, while at the same time increasing the airflow by seven percent.

The benefits to you

  • 1,000 hours of resistance in a salt spray test compliant with DIN ISO 9227*
  • airflow improved by approx. 7 percent while maintaining the same structural integrity*
  • significantly improved aerodynamics
  • unique to Graepel: Symbiosis of our die-cutting and surface technology divisions       


* Compared to conventional ventilation grilles and paints. Based on the results of salt spray tests conducted by the independent laboratory Dr. Herrmann and the reports obtained from the Dresden University of Technology.

Graepel grilles in comparison

In comparison: Graepel grilles and those of our competitors after a 1,000 hour salt spray test.

The results were crystal clear: Not a single product of our competitors comes close to the test results of Graepel DuraVent.

Graepel grilles

After a 1,000-hour salt spray test.

Grilles of our competitors

After a 1,000-hour salt spray test.

What our customers say

“During the development of our new MF - 8S and MF - 5S tractor series, Graepel offered us the opportunity to become more familiar with the Graepel DuraVent products.

One of our objectives was to eliminate corrosion problems on our front ventilation grilles. Graepel DuraVent proved to be the perfect solution. Together with the Graepel team in Löningen, we have developed two new preformed ventilation grilles using 3D software. We are extremely satisfied with the results of our validation studies: As advertised by Graepel, the grilles withstand 1,000 hours of salt spray testing. Graepel DuraVent ventilation grilles are now installed on our 8S and 5S series.”

Guillaume Cailloux, AGCO Beauvais SAS, France

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