Ventilation grilles with 5 times added value

Graepel Persity: Reduced drag, high component rigidity, outstanding design

Customer requirements set standards for the development and production of Graepel perforated metal sheets.The challenge was to develop a perfect ventilation grille that would comply with the customer's requirements. Graepel developed a ventilation grille that meets and exceeds the highest standard. The grille has a proven exceptional airflow while demonstrating reduced weight and high rigidity. Graepel Persity is the product that fulfills all requirements and offers a superior design.

Graepel Persity – for the highest airflow rate

Graepel Persity offers customers 5 times the added value due to the highest engineering precision and a perfect die-cutting process.

The Graepel Persity advantage:

  • Better airflow
  • Reduced weight
  • Cost reduction
  • Increased rigidity
  • Attractive design

The Graepel Persity geometry reduces the pressure drop to a point that is much less than comparable perforated metal sheets which are not formed.

Graepel Persity – proven quality

Results from pressure loss measurement in March 2019, conducted at the Dresden University of Technology.

Opposite side: Air resistance (pressure loss) due to deformation at an airflow of 10 m/s has been proven not to cause pressure losses

Graepel Persity – weight reduction/cost saving at increased rigidity

Cost saving/weight reduction

  • material thickness can be reduced when increasing a component’s rigidity
  • costs and weight are reduced by lowering the use of raw materials
  • due to the geometry of Graepel Persity, component rigidity is significantly increased for the same amount of material used.

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