Protecting people. Securing property.

Acts of aggression against people and property are becoming increasingly common all over the world. This has significantly raised the relevance of property and perimeter protection in recent years. The following are extremely effective means of protection: Barrier tape and barrier wire Barrier products from Graepel. Graepel barrier tape and barrier wire products can be used to erect stationary barriers and instant portable barriers with a high-impact deterrent effect. They can be easily adapted to respective protection requirements.

Graepel Barrier products greatly enhance the protective effect of conventional barriers. Used in a wide variety of ways, they act as obstructions that are difficult to get through making them almost insurmountable.

The versatile applications of Graepel Barrier products include:

  • Fances
  • Roofs
  • Ship railings
  • Walls
  • Open spaces
  • Other barriers


Multiple barriers are also possible, e.g. three or six pyramids or area barriers. Every single one of these features optimum proven protective qualities. Cutting the barrier wire rolls is practically impossible using conventional tools.

The barrier strip is punched from a 0.5 mm thick steel sheet (0.63 mm for type ZL) and then pressed around a spring steel wire with a diameter of 2.5 mm. Depending on the design of the locking wire rolls, the individual coils are clamped together. This produces a powerful “concertina effect”. The high tensile strength of the spring steel wire and the interlocking lends the barrier wire roll enormous rigidity and makes it difficult for it to be forcibly pressed together and cut.

The material we use is steel with a high-quality zinc coating or stainless steel. On request, we can manufacture the barrier wire rolls from galvanized spring steel wire and stainless steel barrier tape. Also available with bitumen coating. Our S-wire rolls can be equipped with handles and ground nails.

Areas of application for barrier tape and barrier wire rolls:

  • Correctional facilities
  • Correctional institutions (forensics)
  • Power plants
  • Military installations
  • Airports and seaports
    • National borders
    • Ship security
    • Industrial facilities
    • Other areas of application


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