Our range of products for construction machinery

Catwalks, steps, ladders and platforms and ventilation grilles for construction machinery

As an innovative partner with extensive problem-solving expertise, we support manufacturers of construction machinery. We develop and design individual components and assemblies of the highest quality for all types of construction machinery. All of our products are precisely focused to meet your application requirements.

The common denominator of our products for construction machinery: They all ensure a maximum of safety and provide outstanding airflow.

Catwalks, steps, ladders, and platforms from Graepel demonstrate their quality worldwide every day. They prove their reliability even under the harshest conditions.

  • Slip resistance due to upward formed perforation
  • Downward-formed perforations ensure complete drainage
  • Perforated leading edges provide additional anti-slip protection
  • Outstanding slip-resistance and structural integrity
  • Heavy-duty while at the same time lightweight

Ventilation grilles by Graepel meet the highest demands on function and design.

  • High airflow of up to 80 %
  • Effective protection against foreign objects, such as insects, dirt, and small stones
  • Due to the selective perforation, some areas can be left blank. This offers more options for individual designs and mounting methods .
  • High stability due to corrugations and individual 3D forming
  • Electrocoating and powder coating, specially adapted for perforated products , offer maximum corrosion resistance

The Graepel Advantage:

  • Customized solutions
  • Various materials, material thicknesses, and perforations
  • Customized design with programmable perforations
  • In-house Surface treatment for hot-dip galvanizing, pickling, and powder coating 
  • Flexible design and color combinations for all makes, machine and vehicle types
  • Everything from a single source – from concept and planning to the final product
  • Ready-to-install assemblies

Our range of products for construction machinery

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Landings and platforms

Operators must be able to maneuver safely on and around construction machinery. Landings and platforms by Graepel make this possible with the highest level of safety and quality.
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Ventilation grilles

For air-intake, air-outlet and protection against dirt and insects: Ventilation grilles by Graepel provide these features with the highest performance when mounted on construction machinery.

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