Corrosion protection, finishing and design – expertise at the highest level

As a full-service partner, we offer our customers a comprehensive range of services developed over many years, including a wide variety of surface treatment and finishing processes. We assist you throughout the entire process chain – and confidently ensure the long service life of your sheet metal plates and gratings.

In-house cathodic dip and powder coating, hot-dip galvanizing and pickling shop. Furthermore we have been working diligently for more than ten years to improve the airflow and corrosion protection of your Graepel products as part of our anti-corrosion initiative.

Your advantages with Graepel: high-grade, consistent quality from a single source – without the need for tedious coordination with third-party suppliers.

Graepel surface & corrosion protection – the benefits to you:

  • everything from a single source – from product development to surface treatment
  • short turnaround times
  • small quantities and individual color designs are also available
  • Standard powder coating, thin-layer and highly abrasion-resistant cathodic dip and powder coating
  • Hot-dip galvanizing as a durable corrosion protection
  • pickling of stainless steel and aluminum with Graepel expertise
  • approved processes of major customers
  • patented development for greater airflow and corrosion protection Graepel DuraVent

The Graepel anti-corrosion initiative

For more than ten years, the Graepel Group has been working diligently to improve the airflow and corrosion protection of your products. The two pillars of our initiative: Graepel surface technology and our innovation Graepel DuraVent

Graepel surface treatment

Hot-dip galvanizing plant

To prevent corrosion, all steel components are treated with a durable protective coating in our in-house hot-dip galvanizing plant in Seehausen, Germany.

  • durable corrosion protection
  • compliant with DIN EN ISO 1461
  • mechanically resilient, chemically and thermally resistant



Graepel surface treatment

cathodic dip and powder coating shop

We in Löningen make use of the latest generation of cathodic dip coating and powder coating plants. Here, we apply coatings in the usual first-class Graepel quality.

  • Coating of steel, galvanized steel, and aluminum
  • as cathodic dip coating and powder coating
  • Weight (max.) per crossbeam: 400 kg



Graepel sureface treatment

Pickling plant

The stainless steel and aluminum pickling plant is part of the Center of Excellence for surfaces in Seehausen, Germany. This Center of Excellence is also available as an external Graepel service.

  • Removal of welding residues, fingerprint smudges, grease, and dirt
  • matt glossy, uniform bright surface
  • attractive aesthetics



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