Individual perforated sheet art for a contemporary living experience.

Graepel has successfully established itself on the international market as an innovative specialist for sheet metal solutions. Our high level of development expertise and precision in implementation are what make us stand out.


Limitless individuality

The challenge was to create individual image motifs for industrial use from the smallest hexagonal perforations. The finest holes of different sizes enable us to create a vibrant work of art from a piece of metal. And that in different sizes. From ceiling cassettes to balcony parapets to large facades. The individual design is enhanced by the modern and sustainable materials. A colored and haptic surface can give the unique product its finish. PERCUS is suitable for both outdoor and indoor use.

Benefits of PERCUS

  • Individually designed sheet metal for use indoors and outdoors
  • Patchwork motif over several sheets possible 
  • Design highlights thanks to backlighting 
  • Further processing with lasers, edging, welding and much more

Technical Data

Sheet thicknesses:
• Steel 1.0 mm
• Aluminium 1.2 – 1.5 mm
• Stainless steel 0.8 mm

• Width of up to 1,000 mm
• Length can be freely selected

• Free choice of colours
• UV-resistant
• Corrosion-resistant
• Weatherproof and easy to clean
• Durable
• Sustainable – 100% recyclable

PERCUS – Areas of application

[Translate to EN:] PERCUS – Einsatzbereich Lautsprecher


Loudspeaker box comprising PERCUS hexagonal perforations in different sizes.
[Translate to EN:] PERCUS – Einsatzbereich Wandbilder


Mural comprising equally sized PERCUS hexagonal perforations.
[Translate to EN:] PERCUS – Einsatzbereich Fassade


Section of a customised facade motif (forest) comprising PERCUS hexagonal perforations of different sizes.
[Translate to EN:] PERCUS – Einsatzbereich Deckenkassette

Ceiling cassettes

Ceiling cassettes consisting of hexagonal holes of different sizes.
[Translate to EN:] PERCUS – Einsatzbereich Deckenkassette

Ceiling cassettes

Different, individual patterns are possible due to the different hexagonal perforations.

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