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Maximum air flow for passenger cars

Due to the honeycomb structure of the ventilation grilles made by Graepel a large open cross-section is created, which at the same time offers a maximum of structural strength. The result is a lightweight grille that provides significant advantages for the automotive industry.

Renowned sports car manufacturers choose Graepel quality for the best reasons: Our ventilation grilles effectively prevent the penetration of insects, stones, and other debris. These grilles score high in terms of maximum air flow and meet the highest quality demands for function and design.

The Graepel Advantage:

  • High level of ventilation, open cross-section up to 71 %
  • Effective protection against insects, dirt, stones, and other debris
  • Due to selective perforation, custom mounting points can be designed within the perforation
  • High stability thanks to corrugations or longitudinal and/or transverse crowning
  • Flexible design and color combinations for all makes, models, and vehicle types
  • Allows high-pressure cleaning
  • Customer-specific solutions including surface finishes

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