Award from Federal Ministry: Sustainable working culture at Graepel‘s

Graepel, a manufacturer and supplier of formed metal parts based in Löningen, Germany, has now officially received an award from the federal government for its outstanding human resources management.

The company successfully completed the INQA process ‘Culture Change’ set up by the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs. INQA stands for “Initiative Neue Qualität der Arbeit” (Initiative for New Quality of Work): The federal government supports companies and municipalities that want to create a progressive working environment. Thus, changes in the world of work, both internally and externally, shall be appropriately established and taken into consideration.

To get a job at Graepel is more desirable now than ever before, as the employer has been officially certified as having a "sustainable work culture" by this award which is bearing the same name. Björn Böhning, State Secretary at the Ministry in Berlin, handed over the award to Graepel at a ceremony.

Changing world of work

"The award is the recognition for Graepel's efforts to always be an attractive employer," said board members Carlo and Felix Graepel. This is especially true in difficult times such as the current Covid pandemic, which demands a lot from everyone. 

Finalization of the process took about two years, the focus being placed on measures in the areas of leadership, diversity, health and competence. A task force was set up consisting of staff members from diverse departments of the German sites.

Improvements have been realized on all levels. For example, staff members can now better contribute and share their skills and learn from each other. The know-how of those who retire or leave the company shall be preserved. A great number of other advances have been achieved – as for example a newly created consulting service provided by the Company Medical Officer. This has had a surprisingly large effect.

Measures jointly developed

Eva Pophanken, the project leader, came to a positive conclusion: "The appreciation and communication among each other has definitely improved." The sense of unity is much stronger now, although it already existed before: A low fluctuation, above-average training rates and a modern company equipment underline the fact that the family-owned company really appreciates its staff members.

Graepel now has 800 staff members and is one of the largest manufacturers of components and assemblies made from cold-formed sheet metal. The company supplies many well-known brands, whether in the automotive, truck, agricultural machinery, bus and railroad industry, or in mechanical and plant engineering as well as in the construction industry. Founded in 1889, Graepel is nowadays one of the most experienced manufacturers, and is at present even the only one in this area to operate manufacturing facilities on three continents. Despite its international character, the company remains committed to its German location, where the main plants of the Graepel Group are located, one at the headquarters in Löningen and one in Seehausen in the Altmark region. For more information, visit on the Internet.

Caption: Happy about the award: Heiko Witzler, Ralf Sieverding and Eva Pophanken from Friedrich Graepel AG (Photo: Graepel)

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