Commercial vehicle business is doing well: Rock guards for the new Western Star 49X

The American manufacturer Western Star seeks to write truck history with the new 49X. No other truck platform is said to be as robust, safe and durable as this one. The rock guards made by Graepel are up to this challenge.

The brand, which belongs to the Daimler Group, has designed its new top model 49X as a rugged vocational truck for the toughest applications. It’s not just used as a tractor for semi-trailers or as a dump truck for the construction industry. The design is also up to special tasks such as logging or as an equipment platform for crane superstructures. In order to meet these requirements, the vehicle comes with four axles with 14 tires. It can move a payload of over 140,000 lbs. The 49X’s main market is in North America. 

To ensure that the diesel engine with up to 605 HP can meet the performance and exhaust requirements, Western Star relies on rock guards from Graepel. The rock guards are assembled directly to the radiators provided by TitanX Engine Cooling Inc., a global specialist in powertrain cooling from Sweden.

Sheet steel of extra quality

The grilles not only supply the engine with the required amount of air, but also protect against the ingress of insects, stones, and other debris. They are stamped from 1.75 mm thick, pre-galvanized sheet steel. Vertical and horizontal struts stiffen the structure so that it can withstand high stress loads: Western Star has designed the truck to operate for up to 15 years. 

Production has already begun in the Graepel plants in North America and at the headquarters in Löningen. The order is for several thousand units. Graepel has already produced items for Western Star in the past and is also in direct business with Mercedes-Benz.

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