Development of extraordinary ventilation grilles - Major component for new Quadtrac 715

The new Steiger 715 Quadtrac mega tractor, which US manufacturer Case IH presented at Agritechnica, is also a major achievement for Graepel, itself a supplier and an exhibitor: Never before has such a massive ventilation grille been developed – increasing engine performance and cost efficiency.

The perforated metal sheet component is a novelty in the industry. At almost two meters wide, the grille is bound to exceed anything previously developed for engines in this category.

Graepel designed a hexagonal perforation with a 60 percent open cross-section and cathodic dip coating. The complexity of the project led to the production being expanded to the US plant in Omaha. The production of the blanks and the initial forming operations are carried out at the main plant in Löningen, Germany. This is also where the sheet metal specialist maintains its central research and development department. Molding and welding processes are completed in the USA.


Hexagonal is the ideal design

The project started in 2019 when Graepel discussed the initial ideas with Case IH, a CNH Industrial company (revenue: EUR 33 billion, 72,000 employees). The feasibility studies, design reviews, and prototypes were successful – and implementation could begin. Units on the books were reported to number in the hundreds.

For Graepel, the job is a win-win situation: The company had already been manufacturing for CNH previously. The new “Graepel-Persity” perforation has now also proved its worth. It stands for “extremely robust with a special design” and differentiates itself from conventionally shaped perforated metal sheets. Tests conducted at the Dresden University of Technology confirmed the significantly lower pressure loss. Further advantages include weight and rigidity, while providing protection from foreign objects – an essential attribute for agricultural machinery. Graepel and its technology are considered to be the cutting edge of the industry.


Confirmation by the Dresden University of Technology

The articulated Quadtrac 715 with its iconic belt tracks, which apply less ground pressure than tires, is the largest tractor from Case IH and the star of the 2024 model year. The mega tractor is marketed worldwide. Globalization is also a major issue for the supplier, which is the only one in its field to already produce on three continents. At Agritechnica, Graepel also unveiled its new image for the first time – another big step in the company’s 135-years history.


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