Graepel shapes the future – the traditional company shows a fresh brand image

Graepel has been undergoing continuous development as a family business for over 130 years and is now a leading player in the industry. The Oldenburger Münsterland-based metal specialist relies on a newly developed, strong and contemporary brand to advance and expand its economic success in times of rapid change and growing internationalization. 

According to Chairman Felix Graepel, the reorientation reflects the commitment to a successful future: "As a fourth-generation family business, we are aware of our roots and at the same time are actively shaping change. That is why we have examined what the optimal framework conditions for success will look like in the future and how we can achieve them. To this end, we have developed the core of our brand and defined our strengths." This includes their successful manager Felix Graepel, who runs the company together with his brother Carlo Graepel, the company’s demonstrable technical expertise and innovative strength, the highest quality standards, the unique depth of value added for complex solutions, a strong team and proximity to the customer. 

In addition, Graepel has consistently increased its international presence. With locations in Europe, India and the USA, it is now the only company in the world in its industry that operates on three continents. By focusing on foreign markets, Graepel now generates more than half of its sales from outside of Germany. “This means that we are never far from the customer, so we are always able to respond to market requirements. With this in mind, we are continuously strengthening the necessary know-how for development and production,” explains Felix Graepel. 

And furthermore: “At Graepel, innovation is a central pillar of our corporate culture, one in which we continuously invest considerable effort. This benefits our customers, often without realizing the care and individualized effort that went into the solution “invented” just for them." The updated brand identity brings this added value and the associated customer satisfaction into increasingly sharper focus. This way, Graepel reaffirms its position as a pioneer in the industry and strengthens its commitment to a successful and sustainable future. 

Felix and Carlo Graepel

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