Well-prepared in the fight against Corona - Friedrich Graepel AG presents business report

In its latest business report, Friedrich Graepel AG reports stable development in its recently concluded business year: the ideal prerequisites to tackle the Corona crisis.

"We have a turnover of around € 100 million and are well-established in our largest markets of vehicle construction, agricultural technology and the construction industry", explained Carlo Graepel. Together with his brother Felix, the two managing partners are proud that they are increasingly being seen as global suppliers. A benefit: "This presents opportunities, whilst the risks are spread."

Nevertheless, a slight drop in turnover is expected in 2020. The general uncertainty in all areas (of the sales market) is tangible. The pending Brexit and the interest rate policy in Europe and the US also have potential. However, as a group with numerous plants and business areas, we are always looking far ahead. Many challenges were already emerging prior to the Corona crisis. Yet, thanks to the measures, which we took early on, there is reason to be hopeful.

Great technological position

Graepel is present in the automotive industry than ever before. The company operates in the premium segment and offers high-performance ventilation grilles to mass producers. Lightweight construction is also sought-after in other areas: one of Graepel's special disciplines with products comprising technology, which is the best in the world. With these solutions, the company can serve the buzzing worldwide agricultural and commercial vehicle sectors when it comes to the protection and ventilation of ultra-clean motors, for instance. Graepel is supplying a growing number of premium sheet metal parts and safety elements, including to Dubai, for the booming construction sector.

Even in difficult segments such as rail transport, the brand is improving its image with prestigious jobs. Internationalization is bearing fruit and also ensures that the capacities in the plants are well-balanced. At the end of the day, these are all grounds for optimism despite the pandemic.

Many positive key figures

The brothers succeeded in boosting earnings power in the last business year in particular. The developments seen in other areas are also pleasing. The equity ratio, which is important for credit rating, improved and liabilities were reduced. The sheet metal specialist has a workforce of more than 700, 50 of whom are trainees – a figure well above others in the industry.

Most recently has been the focus of attention thanks to spectacular projects such as the Signature Bridge in India, components for the new super sports car Corvette and its new 3D perforated sheets, "Graepel-PerForm", which are able to withstand three times the load of other products on the market.

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