Graepel grilles make AdBlue redundant

Another step towards a "clean" construction site has been taken: Diesel engines now also meet the strict Stage V emissions standard without AdBlue - thanks to Graepel grilles. Bobcat was enthusiastic and equipped its new generation of loaders with them.

The segment’s market leader, which belongs to the Doosan Group, uses the grilles in its new D34 and D24 engines. They power many of the new telescopic and crawler loaders that Bobcat launched in mid-2020. Instead of SCR exhaust cleaning (Selective Catalytic Reduction), they have an autonomous aftertreatment system that works automatically, does not require any additional operating materials and does not compromise engine performance. It is a combination of a diesel particulate filter (DPF) and a diesel oxidation catalyst (DOC). And because of Graepel's grille technology, this path led to success.

Bionic grille structure

The grilles supply the engines with plenty of fresh air and protect them from rock chip damage and dirt. This resulted from joint development with Bobcat. The air grille made of steel in the front area of the hood is particularly striking: Thanks to the “bionic” hexagonal perforation, a very fine grille structure with a free cross section of 63 percent were achieved. It was an essential prerequisite for the Stage V classification of the vehicles. 

The integration went very well for Bobcat: “This is the third development that Bobcat is co-developing with Graepel.
The development of this version of the Stage 5 grids was without doubt the most successful as the needs and constraints of each one are now well known. Bobcat for this type of development is happy to count on a competent, reactive, competitive and reliable partner.” so the responsible buyer at Bobcat (Nicolas Lagrouas, NPD Sourcing and Indirect Sourcing Manager) in the Pontchâteau production plant, France. Components had already been ordered in Löningen for the predecessor vehicles. The filter effect of the air grilles is an additional plus in the areas where Bobcats are primarily used (construction sites and agriculture).

In-house development with toolmaking

The supplier was brought on board at the beginning of the design phase in order to coordinate the development in a cost-optimized manner. Pressed-in beads make the component, which is e-coated and powder-coated in Graepel's plant for surface coating, flat and stable. The design is strikingly angular, and modern, and follows the lines of the hood. 

Bobcat and Graepel engineered the grilles for several months until all values were trimmed for maximum performance. Graepel even created the tools in its own tool shop and made the prototypes from its own prototype tools - both of which are special in the industry. The latter eventually became part of the series production tool, which again contributed to cost and time savings. Learn more about this on the Internet at and

Graepel grilles make AdBlue redundant
Graepel grilles make AdBlue redundant
Graepel grilles make AdBlue redundant
Graepel grilles make AdBlue redundant

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