Architects step Graepel-Perl with perforated stepping edge

Linear Stair Tread > special type

This step has been designed according to architects’ wishes. It differs from the standard type 70 in the chamfered edge, because of which it looks more elegant. It is designed primarily for indoor use, but can also be used in exterior spaces because of the drainage holes.

  • Surface closed as with Graepel-Perl perforation
  • Drainage holes (d = 6 mm) at the stepping edge in 4 staggered rows
  • Accessible also with finer shoes and suitable for barefoot walking
  • The view through the steps is almost completely prevented
  • Welded front edge with lateral fastening holes

Our architects step Graepel-Perl with perforated stepping edge is available in steel with different surface finishes and stainless steel.

Technical drawing

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