Graepel anti-slip gratings for safety and secure footing

Now available in any colour you choose

Metal profile gratings are C-profiles canted from metal sheet cuts with structured surface. Metal profile gratings offer highest load capacities at a low dead weight. This gives them significant advantages over open mesh flooring in steel construction, because less substructure is required due to the load capacity in longitudinal direction. Metal profile gratings are available in materials such as steel, galvanized steel, stainless steel and aluminum.

Properly thought-out joining elements facilitate mounting between the gratings and to the substructure. 


Metal profile gratings primarily provide underfoot safety. They are ideal as coverings for walkways and platforms, for stairways, ladder rungs and steps. Architects are increasingly discovering the aesthetic charms of the perforations and their graphical structures. They use metal profile gratings as ceiling lining and facade cladding because of their metallic surface, permeability to air and light as well as their durability. Metal profile gratings can also be used as enclosures and covers for machines and installations.


Graepel metal profile gratings have the following characteristics:

  • Slip resistance is realized by upward embossment.
  • Drainage is possible through downward perforation.
  • The change between upward and downward beads creates different surface patterns – hereinafter referred to as “perforations”.
  • Stability in longitudinal direction is created by the C-profile. The possible loads are dependent on edge height, inner edges, perforation and the chosen material. The lateral load capacity of the gratings is determined by material thickness and perforation.
  • By default, the metal profile gratings have a system perforation (edge perforation) on the long side of the beveled edge which facilitates the mounting of the gratings.
  • Even gratings with unperforated edges on one or both sides are possible.
  • Some of the Graepel perforations are program controllable. This means that unperforated areas are also possible in the surface pattern where holes or cut-outs can be placed later. Program control also allows an adjustment of the perforations to a contour.
  • All Graepel metal profile gratings are also available as flat cuts without folded edges. These plates have a slightly curved finish.
  • We are at your disposal for further technical queries.
Graepel-ColorGrip: New, anti-slip powder coating for gratings made by Graepel

Standard powder coating prevents slipping. Our newly developed Graepel-ColorGrip powder coating ensures slip resistance comparable to that of hot-dip galvanized gratings, or even better. You can now order Graepel gratings in any colour you choose. To find out more about the variety of possible applications please visit our gallery here.

We distinguish perforations for 3 fields of application:

Public sector

Industrial sector

Special perforations

We have grouped 7 perforations together which are especially suitable for – indoor and outdoor – use in public areas. The group includes 3 closed and 4 open perforations. The selection criterion is the hole size with a maximum diameter of 8 mm which is accessible also with high heel shoes.


These gratings can also be used in the industrial sector were smaller hole sizes and consequently a smaller open area are required.

  • Holes with a maximum diameter of 8 mm
  • Perforations extend only a few millimeters upwards
  • Accessible also with finer shoes, some gratings are even suitable for barefoot walking
  • Slip-retardant surface
  • Lower risk of injury or abrasions
  • Durable
  • Easy to maintain

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